As an internationally operating company we want to ensure that everybody whose work is contributing to our success can assume completely his or her human rights and labour laws. Therefore we base all our business relationships to this Code of conduct.

Although our contacts with suppliers often take place in cultures which are different from our own and which have a different set of norms and values, certain standards are universally valid and must apply to all our commercial activities.

We are convinced that it is our duty to base all our business relationships on human rights and internationally accepted norms of employment and to act in accordance with the respective laws of the countries.

Supplier relationship

Our objective is to develop and to maintain long-term business relationships with all of our suppliers. We expect our business partners to respect our Code of conduct, adhere to the social standards in consideration of their own cultural environment and operate in a fair and honest manner at any time. We specifically require our suppliers to extend the same principle to all other with whom they do business including employees, sub-contractors and other third parties.

Employment conditions

In addition to the general requirement that all suppliers will extend the principle of fair and honest dealings to all other business partners, we also have specific requirements relating to employment conditions based on respect for fundamental human rights.

Child labour

Child labour is absolutely unacceptable. Workers may not be younger than 14 years or must meet the legal minimum age for working in the respective country, whichever is the greater.

Environmental aspects

The subject environmental protection may not be forgotten and must be continously reviewed within the limits of what is achievable per country. All applicable environmental laws and regulations have to be fulfilled.

Forced labour / Discrimination / Exploitation / Disciplinary actions

We will not tolerate forced labour or labour which involves physical or mental abuse or any form of corporal punishment. All employees must be treated with respect and dignity. All forms of discrimination are forbidden. The exploitation of any vulnerable individual or group will not be tolerated. Disciplinary measures must not violate national laws and internationally recognized human rights.

Conditions of employment / Wages / Working time

Employment must be based on a formal document such as a working contract. Wages and benefits must be fully comparable with local norms, must comply with all local laws and must conform with the general principle of fair and honest dealings. Employees must at least receive social benefits required by law.
Working hours are to be set in accordance with local law.


We consider it to be a matter of prudence and fairness to grant reasonable periods for the development of a partner’s performance towards compliance with the standard. After a period of 2 months any standard violation which is revealed to us will be sanctioned within the scope of our influence.

Information and training

In addition to these requirements, we expect business partners to demonstrate a willingness to support our activities to actively contribute to the development of their countries. At the same time we are aware of the difficulties regarding the implementation of some of the standard requirements and will therefore take all necessary actions to promote full understanding and co-operation with the aims and objectives of this Code.

Health and Safety at work

Suppliers must ensure that all production processes are carried out under conditions which have proper and adequate regard for the health and safety for those involved. Safety practices must be trained. The same principles are also valid for all social facilities and firm accomodations if provided by the employer.

Communication / Inspection / Monitoring

Supplier has to keep appropriate records about the compliance of the national laws and of this code of conduct. For the purpose of controlling performance and timely progress in development, Authentic Style or an authorised 3rd party may at any time and without further notice inspect all its business partners’ and their subcontractors’ sites for monitoring purposes.
Supplier must furthermore communicate the contents of this code to all their direct business partners and subcontractors and see for the adequate observation of the stipulated standards. Moreover suppliers must appoint a person who is responsible for the implementation of the standards of this code and name them as contact person to Authentic Style.